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Personal Introduction

-- By BrandonHolt - 17 Jan 2022

In my personal statement I wrote, "Law school is an opportunity to be a student of our past and our present while demanding something radically different for our future. It is about challenging what is rather than accepting what is for what must be. It is about joining a community of co-creators in this necessary and positive project of social reimagination." While I enjoyed learning, I felt my creativity stifled by the first semester of law school. The pace, volume, and inflexibility did not allow me to challenge the material in the ways I expected. There was a lot of "accepting what is for what must be."

This semester (Property, Torts, and Criminal Law) is centered in the assignment of punishment and risk. To create a livable society, rethinking accountability and resisting carcerality are critical. We currently experience how deadly it is when we do not. This, though, requires creativity. Unlike last semester, I am committed to seeking out spaces, including this course, that question the present and create space for imagination. I look forward to sharing with and learning from you.

For the more standard questions: I am from Nashville, Tennessee. I graduated from Princeton in 2015. I worked in finance and technology for six years before law school. I plan to work in transactional law.

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