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-- NonaFarahnik - 26 Feb 2010 In the course of writing paper #1, I thought of a way I could contribute to continuing the dialogue and collegiality that will continue to develop throughout the semester. To that end I commit, with whoever else wants to join in on the organizational front, to planning a biennial reunion of this class and keeping everyone's contact information in once place. What is happening inside of our classroom can never be replicated, and perhaps can continue for many years. I am making this page so I can link it to my paper, but once people give thoughts and ideas we can develop this more substantively. This list is restricted to people who are registered, so people who are not logged in cannot see it.

* Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = LawContempSocGroup?

For now, if you are interested, please add your name and permanent email address to this list:

Nona Farahnik,

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