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InternetLunch 1 - 15 Aug 2010 - Main.NonaFarahnik
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I know we will eventually be able to do the Net security lunch with Eben. Sometimes, his tech references go way over my head so I wanted to start a list about the kind of questions I often have.

1. How vulnerable are we if access to our wireless network is unlocked? Can we keep it unlocked while being secure? 2. Should I encrypt my email? 3. Could you speak about our legal rights vis-a-vis our online identities? 4. Is everything I've ever posted on facebook cached somewhere? 5. What security measures should we already have in place?

Non Security Questions 5. Why should all content on the Internet be treated the same? Why shouldn't text get priority over hd video? Further if one only uses her broadband connection for email, why must she pay for service options that cater to users who suck down 10000x the bandwidth? 6. Do you foresee overloaded wireless and land-based networks? Is our infrastructure far behind demand? What are some possible solutions if so? 7. What authority do you think the FCC should have?

-- NonaFarahnik - 15 Aug 2010

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