Law in Contemporary Society
I am starting this thread to provide a place for everyone to post interesting readings (or videos, podcasts, or even event announcements) over the summer. I know I am not alone in looking forward to being able read for pleasure this summer, so it might be fun to continue to learn together with the freedom from grades and lengthy class assignments.

We can always start new threads to discuss the topics that arise as results from the readings, but this can be our online depository for awesome material.

-- JonathanFriedman - 07 May 2009

As a starting off point, I wanted to post a neat video I saw on TED. Click here: TEDJohnnyLee

-- JonathanFriedman - 07 May 2009

I like this idea! As soon as I start reading beyond the 1L curriculum again, I hope to revisit this thread....

-- MolissaFarber - 09 May 2009


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