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Law school is an interesting place. People are uptight. Type As. It feels like highschool on steroids. Your career seems like it’s already dictated, just like your classes. They pick your classes before you start and the times of your classes. They pick your teachers too. You don’t even get to pick!

The readings are rigid and all about imposing structure. We work on rules and reasoning. They basically give us a blurb of facts and tell us to spot issues and make something with it. A lot of people chose the career path because they were never creative from the beginning. It’s understandable. Stay creative is how hyou stay ahead.

Keep your mind refreshed. Keep your spirit nourished. Become a more comprehensive lawyer and personality. I break down my ideas for staying in law school in three ways. First, the simple things you can do. Second, the changes to your actual lifestyle. Third how you can make the work better to.

General Things

The simple things are exactly that, just simple. These are the things that are the building block for everything. First of all, the people around you make a big difference. When someone doesn’t just conform to your idea of a basic law student, they are probably a good person to keep around if you want to be creative. Find people who coming into school you would have least expected to meet. See what brought them to school. See what their interests are. Talk about things other than school with them. Banter.

To go further you should get out of the law school every once in a while. If you’re lucky enough to be in a metropolitan city for school, look to meet friends outside of law school. Find people who do something completely different to school. e


School ifestyle too. Work hard. Make mistakes. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Ask the dumb question you really want to ask on a cold call. Roll the dice while you still school. Express yourself through your clothing. Write a blog on the side. Create a podcast that discusses your favorite topics in the law or about anything in life generally. Sports technology entrepreneurship whatever.

Spur your brain. Try different things. Creativity does not mean you are just a good artist or can think imaginatively. Creativity just means you know how to create. We all have it. Creating content is creative too. Put yourself out there to the school community and the world at large.


The most challenging part is trying to be creative with the work itself. Maybe when you read a case think about its modern application ask yourself if there were better options. Was there room for more innovation? Is the holding too traditional? Too political? Apply your culture and experiences when you go over the cases.

Join groups on campus that give you leadership opportunity. Become a president of something. You get room to operate. Join an events planning committee.. Try and find avenues to create. When you read cases, picture a play going on in your head. Cast the characters.

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