Law in Contemporary Society
I'm not sure what I expected from law school. I suppose I could have thought it would be wonderful, horrible, difficult, inane, enlightening, etc. but none of those are really quite accurate. I think I expected exactly what I found, at least from my point of view. I expected a lot of really smart people trying to make sense of sometimes irrational and senseless situations. The world we live in isn't always logical, and it sometimes seems pointless to try to extract or impose logic on it. But I think that is something we as humans have a natural inclination to do. We want green lights and red lights, good people and bad people, rights and wrongs that are universal and true. I don't know if these things exist (well maybe the stoplights do) but I guess I don't really mind. The pursuit of great truths is fine, but there is something suspect about claiming to have attained it. I'm glad law school hasn't claimed thus far to have all the answers.. Business school seems boring.


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