Law in Contemporary Society
I worked for a mid-size firm for three years prior to law school, in order to gain work experience. I hated the hours and feeling like a tool. My experiences, and the fact that the attorneys there constantly complained about how much they regretted not going to business school instead, greatly discouraged me from going to law school at all. Still, I am determined to become an attorney whom doesn’t hate her life. I hope to figure out how to do so during the next three years.

-- BishaNurse - 22 Jan 2008

What made you decide to come to law school in spite of your experience?

-- KateVershov - 22 Jan 2008

Do you think the comments regarding business school were an expression of their distaste for the work they were doing or the compensation they were receiving?

-- AdamCarlis - 23 Jan 2008

I have heard the exact same regret about business vs. law school from multiple lawyers. It seems like they were motivated by "filthy lucre" in the first place and that they bet on the wrong horse. I wonder what these lawyers will be saying in the next few months when private equity firms start lay offs en masse and the lawyers still have the same steady income. Perhaps they were unhappy to begin with.

-- MichaelWilles - 24 Jan 2008



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