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Dear veterans of Law and Contemporary Society:

This fall, the tools for law-student collaboration are coming one step closer. According to Frantz Merine, Director of Information Technology, the CLS online interface is getting a face-lift. The upgrades should include blogs and wikis.

My friends on the student senate hope that a CLS Wiki will let law students prove how non-competitive they really are. For example, upperclassmen can post their notes and outlines, TA's can post and compare their handouts, and students can form community spaces.

For many of us, Eben's Wiki seemed less like a collaborative tool than an unsupervised playground (and I was the punk kid throwing stones). But we also glimpsed the potential of Wikis to make learning collaborative. Most importantly, we all have an idea of which factors make the difference.

For that reason, we want you to be the first to experiment with this new Wiki. Elliott Ash and I are building a "mock wiki" over the summer that will form the backbone for the school-wide Wiki that gets released in late August. When school starts, we will import the "mock Wiki" into the "real wiki".

You may register as a user from the main page. Invite your friends to sign up too. If you want to get more involved, email me or, and we will grant you administrator access to the mock web. Please experiment boldly.

-- AndrewGradman - 19 Jul 2008



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