Law in Contemporary Society
I made a chart so we can think about our intros in a different way. It can give each of us insight into what topics we chose to emphasize or ignore in our intros. It can also generate ideas for revisions. Also, if enough people fill it out, we can make statistics, such as how many people mentioned their family in their intro, how many people used a creative literary device (I've noticed at least one poem), how many people talk about what job they want in the future, etc. We can also rate how much we each talked about these topics. The scale is 0-5. If your whole intro is funny, give yourself a 5 in the "Funny" column. If you mentioned your mom a bit, give yourself a 2 or 3 for "Parents / Family Background." You can also create your own column for topics you want to track.

I charted myself first. I gave myself a 0 for funny and a 4 for "Social Justice Interest -- Left." (There's also "Right" and "Unspecified.")

Click here to chart your intro:

-- AmandaBell - 23 Jan 2010

Hi Amanda,

Not sure if it's just me, but I can't seem to edit the google doc- any suggestions, or anyone else having that problem?


-- JessicaHallett - 26 Jan 2010


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