Law in Contemporary Society
Tuesday, January 13

i)The Beatles - Revolution

ii)Chaka Khan (?) - Have a little faith in me

Thursday, January 15

i) Hymn: "Jerusalem" Music by: C. Hubert Parry

ii) Ellis Marsalis

iii) Ralph McTell(?) - Streets of London

Tuesday, January 20

Paul Robeson (CLS '23) (anyone recall the song?)

Thursday, January 22

John Denver / James Oppenheim (?) - Bread and roses

Tuesday, January 27

i)Jon Anderson - So long ago, so clear

ii) Richard Rodgers /Lorentz Hart (?) - My romance

Tuesday, January 29

i)Merle Haggard (?) - Poncho and Lefty

ii)Blossom Dearie (?) - They say it's spring

Tuesday, February 3

i) And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda - Eric Bogle

ii) Billy Bragg - The Internationale (in German)

Thursday, February 5

i) The Internationale (in English)

ii)Christine Lavin - Don't ever call your sweetheart by his name

Tuesday, February 10

i) Bruce Springsteen - Racing in the Street

ii) Sandy Denny (?) - Who knows where the time goes

Tuesday, February 17

i) Spanish song (?)

ii) Tom Waits - Step right up

Thursday, February 19

i) Bruce Springsteen - Factory

Tuesday, February 24

Bonnie Raitt - One Part Be My Lover

Tuesday, March 10

i) Jann Arden - Good Mother

ii) Amazing Grace

Thursday, Mar 12

Lerner & Lowe - Wouldn't It be Loverly (Tierney Sutton version)

Tuesday, Mar 24

Randy Newman - Political Science

Thursday, March 26
(pure speculation)
i) Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes

ii) Hugh Laurie - The Sophisticated Song

iii) Janice Joplin Mercedes Benz

Tuesday, March 31

Amazing Grace - Joan Baez/ Paul Robeson

Thursday, April 2

Streets of London (someone suggested above that the artist could be Ralph McTell? . It also sounds a bit like Ron Fetner, so there's another possibility)

Thursday, April 9

Blossom Dearie - They Say It's Spring

Tuesday, April 14

The Beatles (?) - Blackbird

Un-recalled Dates
Willie Nelson - Poncho and Lefty
Unknown Artist - Bread and Roses (Eben is actually listed in the wikipedia entry for the phrase "Bread and Roses")
Nina Simone
Ella Fitzgerald - Mack the Knife

Did anybody catch the name of the 17/18th century ballad?

Number of times Thelonious Monk's name has been mentioned in class: 3
Number of Thelonious Monk tunes played: 0


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