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Spring 2010


Spring 2008

I put a proposed note-taking procedure at NoteTakerSignup. Take a look and comment on whether you think it's a good idea.

-- MichaelWilles - 19 Jan 2008

Note to note-takers: if you set the "Parent Topic" of your notes page to "ClassNotes" it will link back to this page and make navigation easier.

-- DanielHarris - 05 Feb 2008

This is the container for notes taken by the daily assigned Note Taker. When you are assigned to take the day's notes, please add the appropriate topic to the list below, and then edit the new topic to add your notes. Corrections or amplifications to the notes can be made by editing the notes themselves, by leaving a comment on the notes page, or by starting a new topic for discussion that lists the daily note as its parent.

-- EbenMoglen - 16 Jan 2008


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