Law in Contemporary Society
Someone said I ought to try this, so here we go.

Lawyering is changing the world with words, eh? Well there's a broad definition if I've ever seen one. Changing the way the law regards an individual or class of persons, thereby changing the way the law dictates others' interactions with them, is one way to change the world with words. Lawyering? Sure. But what about changing the way an individual perceives another person or class of persons, with that change in perception affecting the way they interact - that's changing the world (at least a tiny portion of it) with words as well. Lawyering? Who knows.

Does it matter? Not really.

This here is a topic thread for students to post their creative works. It will all be open to honest, critical review for the sake of fostering growth and expanding one's mastery of language, as well as open, fawning admiration for the sake of bolstering egos. Because, hey, you probably didn't get the Torts prize either...

I'll go first. Please, feel free (encouraged even) to follow with your own work or comments/critiques of others'.

Well, all good things must come to an end. Mediocre things too, I suppose. Since I'd eventually like to get some of the pieces I've been working on that were posted here published I've decided to take them down. I figure that this is a blog accessible to the general public, and because of that my posting here technically counts as publication. Granted, not any kind of reputable publication, but publication nonetheless. In any case, so long as they were up here I couldn't in good conscience submit them for publication elsewhere - hence the taking down the posts (unpublication?). If and or when I get anything published I'll be sure to post a link so y'all won't be left missing this (since I'm sure so many folks were enjoying my updates on a regular basis).

That being said, I'll reiterate my main point. Don't stop doing the things you love just because you get busy with school and work and life. Because, I mean come on, what's the use in living if you're not going to be living a life you can appreciate?

Thanks to anyone who read, and especially thanks to anyone who commented (even if it was just for the grade bump, I appreciated it).


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