Law in Contemporary Society
I came to law school for a variety of reasons, many of them practical. The flexibility that being a lawyer offers was important to me. Immediately after college I found that getting a job with a degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies was not the easiest task. I ended up working for a small, start up company, and while I loved the work I was concerned about my long term prospects in working for a small, new business in an area outside of my degree.

I do not know specifically what I want for my future at this point. Nor do I know how to accomplish it. While "big law" seems to be the default choice for many CLS students , I think I would do a disservice to myself by not exploring the alternatives. I think that a large part of the value in having a law license is the freedom it provides to take risks and explore opportunities with the knowledge that if things do not work out in one area, other viable paths are almost certain to exist.

-- DanBryan - 17 Jan 2008



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