Law in Contemporary Society

-- DavidGarfinkel - 13 Jan 2010

My name is David Garfinkel. I was at political science major at UC Berkeley. My desire to go to law school was to develop certain knowledge and analytical abilities that would be useful for my long term goals of working internationally, though at this point unsure what type of practice that may involve. In the attainment of such goals, getting a position at a top law firm could be very helpful and desirability, along with the added perks of wealth and prestige. While the flaws of the law school process have become apparent, it also demonstrates the need to cope with short term sacrifices, in happiness or morality, in order to reach long term goals that can hopefully result in maximum personal rewards. This course I hope will help improve my writing, which can always be worked on, and provide alternative thinking that will make me more perceptive, resulting in better lawyering.


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