Law in Contemporary Society
Over the past semester we've all used this wiki to discuss class readings, the legal field, and law school in general. I've enjoyed reading what everyone on here has had to say, and think that the discussion has been really valuable. Unfortunately (or at least from what I understand), we'll no longer be on this wiki come next semester - a new law and contemporary society class will take our place, and the discussion will end. I'd like to see it continue, and so I thought I'd create this topic to see if anyone else would be interested in this as well. If enough people are interested, I'd set up a forum after finals to act as an extension of what this wiki has provided. Although we would no longer be reading the same material, I'd be interested in seeing the discussion continue, and perhaps the multitude of classes will lend itself to interesting discussion.

-- MichaelPanfil - 03 May 2009

  • I didn't know there was some reason why you couldn't keep using this wiki. There may be some other people talking here next spring, but if you keep using the wiki, all of you could collaborate through it without any problem.


It's great that we can continue to have access to the wiki. I certainly feel that I haven't learned as much as I should have for this class.

-- AlfianKuchit - 04 May 2009

I'm glad to hear that wiki access will continue - I had been under the opposite impression. Under these new circumstances, everyone, please go ahead and disregard this topic.

I don't know--we all went through the class and 1L year together and it would feel strange to me to be dropping in on other people's experience online. Even if there are uses for the wiki, there would be different uses for our own forum. I've enjoyed the wiki this semester and I'd be interested in a new forum.

-- MichaelDreibelbis - 06 May 2009

If people were still interested in using the wiki, it seems like it would be fairly easy to create our own folder (like a new forum) where we can place our topics that would not disturb the ongoing discussions of the current class. In terms of "dropping in," the wiki is completely public so anyone is able to look at what the students are writing. Plus, Eben indicated that he won't be teaching this course until the Spring so we would still be the only ones using this in the Fall.

-- LaurenRosenberg - 06 May 2009


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