Law in Contemporary Society
Should I approach editing as if I were an editor for someone who was asking me to make revisions before they submitted something as his/her own? I am unsure how much liberty to take with the rewrite and what Eben is looking for. Is it what I consider to be a good paper? A better version of the author's paper? What if I disagree with my author's argument, am I meant to make my own using his/her underlying premises?

-- NonaFarahnik - 19 Apr 2010

Hi Nona. I think what Eben said in class is that you edit with an eye to conveying what you take to be the author's message. If you disagree with the argument, well, I guess that's ideal because it'll help you identify and remedy weaknesses in the argument more readily. Hope that helps.

-- KalliopeKefallinos - 19 Apr 2010


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