Law in Contemporary Society
-- EllaAiken - 20 Jan 2009

I came to law school because I like to think. I majored in classics and philosophy as an undergrad because I love reading about how people think the world works. I thought law school would be a way to continue to this path. In philosophy I studied how people think the world works, and now I am beginning to study how people think the world should work.

I also came because I don’t think I can be one of those people that separates work from the rest of life, so I would like to enjoy what I do, and I think as lawyer I will.

I also hope to make money. In between law school and undergrad I worked full-time at a museum and for 3 different tutoring companies just to afford life in New York doing things that interested me, and it wasn’t that easy. So, I’m hoping to make life easier.


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