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I just had to post this Daily Show clip, which covers precisely what Eben was talking about when he said politicians have to be empty vessels, waiting to be filled by the voter. That way, when the empty vessel says something like "America needs a return to prosperity", voters can just imagine that the empty vessel is speaking to their specific desires. The voter does the work, molding the empty rhetoric into what they would want from a President.

No one wants a politician that actually speaks his mind, of course!

-- KippMueller - 28 Feb 2012

Just watched this, Kipp. It was great.

Different context, but interesting to see the harsh criticism Scalia is getting for appearing "political" and revealing his true colors in the Arizona immigration decision. Why do we want politicians to be truthful but don't want the same out of our judges?

-- JaredMiller - 07 Jul 2012


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