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I know you're all probably buried with preparing for Con Law right now, but in case you feel like participating in writing some legislation, there's a collaborative effort going on here to write a statute in response to CISPA. CISPA, if you haven't already read, is the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act that just passed in the House today after having its vote date moved up. It would essentially allow the government to get data about you from private corporations, and potentially spy on your e-mails and personal internet usage. Like a Patriot Act for the web.

The response effort is currently known as the Free Internet Act, and its text is being developed from now until April 29. The legislation essentially aims to protect the cyber civil rights of internet users. The beauty is that anyone can contribute, so if you feel like you want to review the text for cohesiveness, add something to it, take something out, or make any other suggestions, please do. An introduction to the plan is here.

-- KirillLevashov - 27 Apr 2012

This is great Kirill. Thank you! Actually I think it's totally appropriate for studying Conlaw/is definitely something I might try to talk about on my exam. I very much stay out of politics and definitely fear the big government crushing me. I feel like because i have no money to contribute to campaigns I have no voice or no ability to influence legislation or the choices the government makes on my behalf. I just feel like our world has gotten so big my voice gets squashed. It's really cool to see how the internet is a way that the people can have a say in the government again, can directly influence legislation and even write it, and in a way, make the anti-federalist/popular constitutionalist/participatory, face-to-face theory of democracy seems more attainable for a cynic like me.

-- SkylarPolansky - 27 Apr 2012


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