Law in Contemporary Society
I've long been captivated by the notion of justice, which first manifested itself as a love for the superhero genre. This initially led me to try journalism, but I wanted more than objective reporting. From law school, I want to learn how to recognize for myself the better ideas and arguments -- how to recognize justice -- and then to make those arguments effectively. I've made a few ill-thought-out policy/managerial decisions in past activities, and I don't ever want to push for a wrong side again (it's like Superman fighting for Lex Luthor!). I see law as a tool, and I want to fight for the sides I come to believe are right after thoughtful thinking. On a more personal level, the (in)equality of access to our legal system is one issue I'd like to think more about; my dad manages a small business and often laments about the crippling legal fees that come with the inevitable legal difficulties.

-- GraceChan - 14 Jan 2010


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