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Hey All,

I was thinking that, because we don't have much of a chance to really engage with each other in the classroom in our other classes, that the wiki might be a good place for us to discuss topics/doctrines/issues that we find interesting, confusing, in need of fleshing out, nonsensical, etc. I don't mean for this to fuel any additional concern with grades, as I agree they are stupid, but I thought it might be helpful to have the opportunity to collaborate about our other classes (as we have done in this one) as we approach the finals we inevitably have to take. Maybe people can post questions and opinions and others can respond to and discuss them so we can all feel a little less overwhelmed? If you feel like this might be a useful exercise/experience, obviously please feel free to post something. If you feel like I'm an asshole/crazy person for even bringing this up, I apologize - that was not my intention at all! I just feel like we've probably all has those "HUH?" moments at some inappropriate hour of the day and wished others were around to help explain. Maybe this can be that place where others are "around" when we need them. Okay, sorry for rambling - and for those of you I don't know personally, congrats on making it through a year of classes!

-- ElizabethSullivan - 26 Apr 2012

Great idea, Lizzie.

I have a question about Property maybe someone can answer. You know how to make a joint tenancy at common law, you need the unity of time? Well, is that a unity of time of vesting or unity of time of possession? For example, O conveys to A for life, then to B if Obama gets reelected and to C as joint tenants with right of survivorship. When Obama gets reelected, B's interest vests. C always had a vested remainder, so their interests vested at different times, but when A dies they will take possession at the same time.

Is the unity of time established since they took possession at the same time, or is it broken since their interest vested at different times?

EDIT: If anyone's interested, I got a chance to ask my property professor (Scott), who said that there is no joint tenancy in this situation since there is no unity of interest since B has a lesser interest (contingent remainder) than C (vested remainder). Even if B's interest vests upon Obama's election, now there's no unity of time since their interests became equal at different times.

-- HarryKhanna - 26 Apr 2012

Thanks, Harry. That unfortunately sounds like another language to me right now, but it'll be helpful to read in a few days when I get my life together (and I'm sure is already helpful to anyone who currently has their life together...).

-- ElizabethSullivan - 26 Apr 2012


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