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-- NonaFarahnik - 22 Mar 2010

Eben, will you hold a lunch session for Net novices who want to learn more about how we can improve our online privacy?

Of course, but.... Time's very scarce at the moment. Let me get the first essay editing done, which is long past urgent and which my illness has made very difficult, and I'll see what can be scheduled. Further indications of interest from others would be welcome, so I know roughly how big an event I need to plan.

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I had the realization this weekend that my privacy has completely been eroded (irrevocably so?). I was looking up movie times for Hot Tub Time Machine when I was prompted to "create an account" with which to purchase tickets. I instinctively entered my first name as J and my last as C but was forced to enter my email address to verify who I was. My friend looked at me and said, "why do you even bother trying to conceal who you are?" I then had to enter my e-mail address - I could either use my gmail account which is clearly my name (cohenjessica) or Columbia - but can't anyone look that up? And find me? Maybe I'm misunderstanding this privacy business altogether but the only thing I think have going for me these days is my so-common-it-hurts name. What is it that I was trying to protect with the J.C. business?


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