Law in Contemporary Society
-- JackSherrick - 11 Apr 2021

Law practice is point in 4 dimension with Whom, what, how much, where, (speculative) 5th axis - why (fun part)

should I view each interaction, thought experiment, reading, etc. as a little exam in which I can assess my own capabilities or should I just try to purge it from my lexicon bc it's such a poor anchoring point.

  • I'm thinking purge over retool

lawyer's theory of social action - how understanding of society works can improve lawyering (making things happen using words) (liberal arts education)

"Reasonable person" - need study but also need lived experience. Mary's Room. States on states. Observer effect.

When writing about yourself how can you contain it to one idea? Should I marshal as many personalities and channel them or just let a couple do the writing?

Breadth and depth

Strategy - matching resources to objectives Resources -

  • External- my network, positionally
  • Internal - education, interdisciplinary approach, willingness to change, working on creativity,
Objectives - they're pretty nebulous rn but maybe I'll come up with a few concrete objectives and write about how I'd go about achieving them

I don't want the law to consume my humanity, I want my humanity to consume the law bc that's what the law is for. Or should the law stand adjacent to or above humanity.



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