Law in Contemporary Society
My general objectives for this course are to enhance my understanding of law practice’s possibilities and to use this knowledge to challenge the ways I conceptualize my own career path. I hope to obtain finer understandings of the legal profession’s transformation in response to modes of production shifts and the attendant effects this process on occupational satisfaction. I would like to gain a more concrete sense of where practitioners have and have not found occupational fulfillment and freedom. Ultimately, I desire to come away from the course with a richer understanding of the creative alternatives to the modern firm structure, how they were generated, and learn how to identify and realize them within my career.

-- JasonLissy - 15 Jan 2009

Woops... My core reasons for attending law school are two - though as time passes I find them in tension and their relative import in flux. Initially, I viewed the legal profession as an avenue for upward mobility and, only secondarily, as an vehicle for societal betterment. I find the former end increasingly unsatisfying and the closer I approach the conventional channels toward it I had previously romanticized, the more underwhelming they appear. I'd like to come away from this course with a greater understanding of how to synthesize and satisfy these twin-aims, while retaining control over my labor and work-product.

-- JasonLissy - 20 Jan 2009



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