Law in Contemporary Society
I have always had an unfortunate fascination with history. I still waste countless hours reading Wikipedia articles about various historical events which have no obvious bearing on my life. As addictions go, though, I suppose mine is not really that bad. For me, history is basically a continuing story of humans not acting while others suffered. There are occasional bright spots, where people actually step up and try to change things for the better, but these are exceptions. I have always wanted to be one of those people who tries to change things for the better. I think Law School could help with that goal both by providing intimate knowledge with regards to how our world works, and providing the tools (i.e. bringing a lawsuit) which could be helpful in changing those workings. That said, lawyers hardly have a monopoly on making the world a better place, nor does that seem to be a historical priority of most lawyers.

-- JeffreySchatz - 18 Jan 2010


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