Law in Contemporary Society
My impression is that the practice of law promotes individuality among its participants by encouraging them to engage their interests in critical ways that are unavailable in other professions. Lawyers are united by a common thirst for knowledge, and they indulge this thirst by choosing the realms about which they are most passionate and then rapidly developing their particular knowledge about those areas. In practice, they combine this knowledge with creativity to identify and solve difficult problems. Likewise, I hope that the law school experience helps me to choose a path that is intellectually stimulating, economically and socially valuable, and personally enriching. In sum, I want to find work that is right for me.

-- JonathanFriedman - 15 Jan 2009

I am revising my original introduction, which was written under the impression that our assignment was to write about our hopes and goals for law school. As I have come to realize that I was mistaken, I will address the topic of my hopes for my career as a lawyer below, though these thoughts are closely linked to what I have expressed above.

I think that being a lawyer means learning from the failures and successes of oneself and others, and using this knowledge to benefit one's clients. Lawyers, like doctors, often complain that their clients fail to seek their services until something has gone wrong and then arrive with expectations of receiving a magical panacea. However, some lawyers have transcended this reactionary position. These counselors use their persuasive and analytical skills to help their clients reach goals in all aspects of their lives. I hope to develop both my legal and worldly knowledge, so that my clients can count on me to provide honest and useful advice during their most trying times.

-- JonathanFriedman - 20 Jan 2009



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