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-- By JustinPerez - 25 Feb 2020

Creativity in people is provoked both actively and passively. Humans are not naturally creative because creativity places the the individual in a state of temporary discomfort. There seems to be three situations in which creativity is provoked. The first is necessity, which occurs both actively and passively. The second is struggle, which solely occurs actively. The third is boredom, which occurs passively. All creativity stems from these three states, and lawyers can channel one or all of them to become more creative.

Necessity occurs daily in the lives of people whether it be due to the need for food, or survival. As humans, our brains are wired to create easy and efficient patterns that help streamline our lives and do not produce mental fatigue. That is why people get the same cup of coffee every morning, develop schemas that quickly classify things into categorical groups, and stick to a mode of thinking once learned. When people need something, the human brain quickly attempts to fulfill that need. When this need is curbed by externalities the brain out of necessity attempts to find a novel way to approach the situation in order to quench this need. For example, the need for food thousands of years ago led to the domestication of animals, and the development of spears for hunting.

Struggle, unlike necessity, does not occur daily and is brought about my active participation in a challenging situation or barrier presented that the individual voluntarily wants to solve. Similarly to how the brain reacts in necessity, the individual during struggle rather acts using expectancies. They survey the consequences and reflect on their experiences with problems that they solved in the past, which posed a similar struggle to them. Creativity developed from struggle is exemplified by occupations such as scientists and police officers. In both these fields there is a predictive style of thinking, but the requirement to think outside the box in order to understand what a black hole is or decipher the Zodiac Killer's letters is necessary.

Boredom is the easiest and most accessible way to access creativity (less so today with the prevalence of constant on-demand entertainment). Allowing one's mind to wander takes the individual to places and ideas they had never imagined because an idle mind explores itself. Viewing your own perspectives and allowing yourself to think about life generally, your own ideas, and the ideas of others allows people to broaden their perspectives and simply just sit on these ideas.

Lawyers can channel one of these states by attempting to purposely placing themselves in these situations. Once a lawyer understands how to manipulate their state of mind and use this same thinking to understand how those around them are reacting to the world, creativity becomes a tool the lawyer can wield at their will.

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