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Today was the LGBT Pride Celebration in San Francisco, where I'm working this summer. Many other cities, including NY, also hold Pride celebrations on the last of weekend of June, so I thought I'd make a page to talk about it, if any others went to a celebration.

The progress of gay rights in this country is one of the few trends of the past few decades that gives me hope. Pride celebrations in San Francisco are held in City Hall Plaza, in the shadow of the building where Harvey Milk was assassinated in 1978.

One of the speakers was a man who was the first openly gay ambassador, and he recounted his experience at the first gay pride march, in New York City, forty years ago. He said the enthusiasm had been the same, but "the numbers, shall we say, were considerably smaller."

It was an amazing celebration. People were happy, and despite the thronging crowds, people seemed to feel safe. The marchers were, of course, fabulous and exuberant. I was reminded of the name of a Tel Aviv artist, which blogger Andrew Sullivan (himself gay), often invokes: Know Hope.

-- DevinMcDougall - 28 Jun 2010

July 2nd, 2010 marked the first year anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexual sex in India. It was also the day of the third annual pride parade in Delhi, which was less a parade and more a presentation of poetry, song, and dance. The historic Supreme Court decision was also recited throughout the event.

reading the decision

There were probably more cameramen and reporters than participants. Before the event officially kicked off, they would swarm couples and groups if they were posing for a picture together, showing any PDA, or wearing anything provocative. People didn't feel entirely safe. Mardi Gras masks were passed out to cover faces and there were too many police officers. Still, it was a really fun event bringing together activists, allies, and the LGBTQ community.

the press and some onlookers covering their faces

-- EricaSelig - 7 Jul 2010


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