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Harvard 3Ls Can't Find Jobs

Do people really believe that, even at the top law schools, they're entitled to a 160K job? No profession other than law allows 25 year olds to make that kind of money with no relevant work experience and by judging them on one year of grades and a name. We are basically handed summer associate positions at EIP next fall- that is a deal that is too good to be true and anyone who has even a toe in the real world should have known it wasn't going to last.

Three Texas 1L's wrote an op-ed about the lack of "practical education" they think they are receiving. Comments especially interesting. Also see the story on Above the Law.

-- JonathanWaisnor - 02 Mar 2010

Why she went to law school

-- DRussellKraft - 24 Feb 2010

Article in the NY Times about the changes in the associate system at big firms.

-- NathanStopper - 3 Apr 2010

The perils of state-funded public interest work?

Law school students nationwide are facing growing attacks in the courts and legislatures as legal clinics at the schools increasingly take on powerful interests that few other nonprofit groups have the resources to challenge.

On Friday, lawmakers here debated a measure to cut money for the University of Maryland’s law clinic if it does not provide details to the legislature about its clients, finances and cases.

The measure, which is likely to be sent to the governor this week, comes in response to a suit filed in March by students accusing one of the state’s largest employers, Perdue, of environmental violations — the first effort in the state to hold a poultry company accountable for the environmental impact of its chicken suppliers.

-- DevinMcDougall - 04 Apr 2010


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