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Personal Introduction

I am that I am.

Usually that is someone else's introduction. Why are you using it here?

I have a slight disability involving the motor skills on my right side. For most of my life, I struggled with the unique difficulties this presented me, but as I’ve gotten older, I realized that this was a false preconception. I'm not even one blade of grass on the mountain that is our world's problems. Furthermore, and just as relevant, I will not leave this place in crippling debt, or any debt at all.

Or in any other way as crippled, right? We all have slight disabilities, unless we have serious ones. Some of mine I have struggled with forever, and some I more recently acquired. Of course, we have powers too, as well as disabilities. So we have to struggle with those as well.

I’m here to learn how to effectively and efficiently help others, wherever that may take me.

The most efficient way to help others is in the way that is also good for you, so it keeps you strong and more able to help. The most effective way to help others, in my experience, is to ask them what they are trying to learn how to become, so that you may possibly contribute to their becoming what they seek.

-- By LeoFarbman - 28 Jan 2015


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