Law in Contemporary Society
-- MakalikaNaholowaa - 17 Jan 2008
Probably over thinking it, but I hated my first intro. It wasn't a lie, but it was generic and stupid. I should have said this to begin with instead.

I want to meet a leader worth following* and dedicate my life to helping that person succeed. Thats weird because Americans glorify the leader, and think little of the right hand man. Nevertheless, that’s who I am, and I am awesome at it. The key is finding the right leader - being at the right place, at the right time, with the right skill set to identify such a person and be worth their attention. I'm here because the roads open to me with this education have a higher chance of crossing the path of that great leader I'm searching for than the roads I’d likely travel without it. But of course, that's just a guess.

*This could be in business, politics, public interest, whatever - those who better the world come from all sorts of industries and organizations.



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