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-- TaleahTyrell - 01 Feb 2021

Hi Taleah, I'm very conflicted about what to do this summer but I have to make a decision soon. I feel like my public interest option is directly related to my long-term goal. My firm option is related to my goal of making money, but not to my actual goals as an attorney. Networking is my best way to maximize opportunity, so I'm just hoping that whichever I choose will give me that. I need to write out a specific goal plan honestly.

-- OliviaMartinez - 02 Feb 2021

I had a great conversation with a friend last night who prioritizes happiness, and, without their giving their opinion on which job I should take, the conversation alone reminded me that I will probably get more out of this summer if I choose happiness. I also feel like this year of law school has been so draining, I need to choose something that will make me happy and see that I can do something good with my law degree.

-- OliviaMartinez - 04 Feb 2021

I also wonder, what's everyone's take on the strange air about summer jobs at CLS? Why do some 1Ls withhold from talking about their choice with each other, especially when we all know the 1L job doesn't matter much? Is it becoming a competition, do we all distrust each other, or am I missing something?

-- OliviaMartinez - 04 Feb 2021

Has this really been the vibe with jobs on campus? To answer the thread's starting questions, I was able to snag an externship with a 9th Cir. judge just before finals which was exactly what I wanted when I began 1L. It relates to my long term goal of just becoming the best legal writer and researcher I can be so that when I practice I feel prepared as well as know how I can grow and develop for the intensive writing that a career in Litigation entails.

-- DawitAklilu - 07 Feb 2021

I see what you are saying, Olivia. I do agree with you that choosing the place that makes you happy is the best choice. Because, at the end of the day, that will be the place where you can maximize your learning since you are already content! That's something I've been trying to prioritize more this semester. Having a good mental health can make many experiences that much better.

-- TaleahTyrell - 08 Feb 2021


What are you planning on doing this summer? Is it related to your long-term goal as an attorney? What steps can we take right now to maximize that opportunity? How can we use this job to take us to the next step in our goal?


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