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-- DavidGarfinkel - 20 Apr 2010

This is an article about law students starting their own practice after starting law school. Thought it was an interesting article, especially to some of the things Moglen has said in class. Some of the concerns I have about trying to do this right after law school. One issue is lack of real training. Part of this may be law school not correctly training us, though also believe it is the relative short amount of time. I find it difficult to practice on our own with barely three years. An analogy would be to medicine, where students have to train for many years before they can actually take on their own patients. The other issue is capital, especially when so many of us have significant debt we must pay, making it harder to attain new capital to start our own practice let alone maintain some sort of profit when starting out.

One thing I would find interesting is a seminar about running our own practice, which could be an interesting class taught by Moglen. This would I think have practical meaning as well as explain how to use some new technologies for collaboration, etc. Part of my issue is the idea that new technology can totally change small legal practice and defeat big firms somewhat doubtful and somewhat hollow, similar to the Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace.


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