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In response to Eben's interest in hearing about our experiences revising work and using the wiki over the summer, I thought I would chime in and say that I found it a very helpful resource. Although I was working in San Francisco for the summer, law school continued to require attention, from selecting courses to bid for in the course lottery in June to researching employers to bid for at EIP in July. The "master narrative" of the conventional pathway through law school, as a result, was a part of my thoughts, though I was far from the law school. The dialogue on the wiki was a salutary corrective and source of solidarity. It was very interesting to read about what others were working on for the summer. I would recommend encouraging use of the wiki over the summer in the future.

-- DevinMcDougall - 08 Aug 2010

I'd like to second your thoughts, Devin - although I did very little commenting, I'm pretty sure I read everything being posted. The wiki gave me an opportunity to stay connected to this community even as I was taking a break from law and from New York. I looked forward to reading the changes when I (infrequently) got internet access this summer. Although I regret not doing more to engage with my writing, I am happy to have had the wiki at my disposal this summer. Thanks to those of you who posted, as well.

-- DRussellKraft - 08 Aug 2010



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