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I know this isn't useful discussion, but just wanted to share for the "wow" factor of it. It is pure marketing genius. Totally useless, incredibly expensive, and perfect for that guy who already has everything. -- AdamCarlis - 26 Apr 2008

There's something poetic about a watch that only tells the difference between day and night. It's like an elegant little indictment of our modern rat race. Although, there are probably ways to make that statement for a lot less than 300 grand.

-- JuliaS - 26 Apr 2008


-- MiaWhite - 26 Apr 2008

why not just wear a sign that says "ask me about my watch?" Is this meant to be a conversation starter for boring d-bags who have sold all their time to some office and have piles of money but nothing to talk about? "Well it doesn't actually tell time you see. Oh and this right here - yeah that's metal from the titantic"

"wow that bob guy is so interesting!"

-- ErikaKrystian - 26 Apr 2008

yeah, I'd agree with Erika - it must be purely a conversation piece. I've never even heard of this Romain watchmaker guy. It would cost alot less to buy a Rolex and wear that around, if displaying wealth were the main goal. Seems to me, anybody who'd buy this watch wants to put their I-think-outside-the-boxness on display. The fact that it costs 300 thou is just icing on the cake.

-- MinaNasseri - 26 Apr 2008

This is a classic example of pricing to create a market for something. I don't think this was bought because it doesn't tell time, it was bought because it costs 300K. This reminds me of a story someone told me about when they lived near Lake Geneva, a popular summer destination for Arab oil tycoons and their families. The jewelry shops in the area would add an extra zero to the price of every item because the value to the people shopping was determined by the price, not the look. This may be exaggerated by something cultural, but I couldnt help but think about it.

-- AndrewWolstan - 26 Apr 2008

actually, that watch was the give-away at the skadden reception last week.

-- AdamGold? - 27 Apr 2008

Haha- wow. Maybe it's also a response to the cell-phones-as-watches trend? As in, if everyone uses their cell phones as watches anyway, the only purpose an actual watch has is to be decorative and/or a display of it might as well be the most frivolous watch imaginable.

-- ClaireOSullivan - 27 Apr 2008



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