Law in Contemporary Society

The Invite

You were born in a slum. You grew up in a slum. Now you want to move out of the slum, because you want your kids to grow up somewhere people don't get killed all the time. And your kids might get fed well and maybe even go to school. So you decide to move to a better neighborhood nearby.

The problem is, that better neighborhood doesn't want people like you.

You could come, but you need an invite. And once you get the invite, you have to wait ages to get in. Or pay a lot of money. Ok, fine. Except even just yesterday your child's friend and your friend's child were shot down on their way from home, while a young man was found bludgeoned to death. And if you had that much money, you wouldn't be living in that slum to begin with.

So you move in. It was an ordeal, a harrowing feat, but you managed to make it through. Some people stare, some do not care, but you feel life's much better, as long as you're here.

-- MinChoi - 25 Jun 2012


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