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My favorite way to lean is by trial and error. The problem I see is that as a lawyer it will be my clients who suffer the effects of the errors, not me.

One of the hats I tried before law school was a website designer -- and I had clients. As a web designer I screwed up many times. That was okay, the web is a relatively forgiving place and I could correct my mistakes. A broken website could be fixed the next day. There was not lasting impact on my client. Trial and error was fine.

From what I have gathered, law, on the other hand, is not very forgiving.

As a young lawyer I will make mistakes. I want to have my own clients, but it strikes me as irresponsible to not attach myself to an experienced lawyer who can catch those mistakes before they become permanent.

Is it possible to extract enough out of school to be prepared to have clients the day I leave? Suggestions on how to do that?

-- AlexAsen - 20 Apr 2010

This would be my concern too, other than not being able to find clients confident in my skills as a young inexperienced attorney. Though you could say that if you found a niche where lawyers currently weren't operating or a clientele lawyers weren't serving and made yourself somewhat competent during law school, clients would come to you because you were the cheapest/easiest option. This would require some creative thinking about the law as well as a grasp of emerging legal markets.

A great film to watch is The Rainmaker.

-- JonathanWaisnor - 20 Apr 2010

Eben started to answer my question in class on Thursday. "Having a practice" does not mean being a sole practitioner, it means having your own clients.

So if I understand correctly: Step 1: Become an expert in something Step 2: Advertise that you are an expert and find clients Step 3: Bring those clients to someone with a license Step 4: Advocate for your clients Step 5: Graduate, pass the bar and get a license Step 6: Now that you have clients and a license, you have a practice. Do whatever you want with the practice, including connecting it to a larger practice.

-- AlexAsen - 23 Apr 2010

I much enjoyed Kalliope’s story about the lawyer who became an expert in international child custody. I would love to have a database of similar stories as a source of inspiration. Anybody have any to share? Eben, maybe you have a few former student who would not mind contributing a line or two?

-- AlexAsen - 23 Apr 2010

Alex, check out this attorney's web site. I worked at a law office where he used to come in for mediations. Very successful and seemed very happy. While employment and personal injury may not be your cup of tea, he certainly does a good job of putting himself out there.

-- JohnAlbanese - 23 Apr 2010



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